Holy Family

Parents' Evening

 School staff are able to discuss any matters with regards to your child with you throughout the year, and we hold more formal parents' meetings each term, as follows:

Advent Term:
During the Advent Term, parents will have the opportunity  to meet with their child's teacher.  At Holy Family, we encourage the children themselves to lead the conversation with parents initially, sharing their books and achievements, followed by a conversation which also includes the teacher. Your child's teacher will allocate you a time and will arrange for a ten-minute appointment. 

 Lent Term:

There is an opportunity for you to contact school to arrange a meeting with your child's teacher, the date of which will be shared via the Friday newsletter.

Pentacost Term:

Once end-of-year reports have been sent out in June, there is a parents' evening to discuss any matters arising. Please contact school with a request to meet your child's class teacher if you have any concerns after you have read their report.