Holy Family

Collective Worship

At Holy Family, collective worship forms an integral part of our school day. We are proud to pray together each morning, at lunchtime and before the end of the day. We take this time to thank God for our abundantly rich lives; we ask for his forgiveness for things that may have gone wrong and we ask for his unending love and support in all aspects of our lives. This is a time of age-appropriate reflection and contemplation.

During the school week, we also gather together in larger groups for collective worship. This may take the form of assemblies, hymn practice, liturgies or Mass with Father Kevin, either here in school or at Holy Family Church, which is only a short walk away. We are very lucky to have a parish priest, and supporting parish worker, who are committed to supporting staff and children in their understanding of God and our Catholicism.

Our Faith Formation Group play a vital role in leading many aspects of collective worship in school. This group, formed by children from Year 4-6, take responsibility for leading prayer and liturgies, as well as helping to organise our regular Masses. The children have real and valued input into the form that our worship takes, giving ownership to them and developing their own understanding of the part that worship and prayer plays in our lives.