Head’s Welcome

Mrs Benn
Head Teacher

Welcome to Holy Family Catholic Primary School and Nursery website. We hope that you will find the information useful and interesting.
At Holy Family we believe that every child is a unique being, created in the image of God. We promote a love of God and a love of one another and this is demonstrated in the way we work, learn, grow and live together. As a Catholic school we take great pride in our mission statement:
‘Trying to make the world a better place through creating a learning environment based upon gospel values where all adults and children become better people.’
At Holy Family we offer a rich and diverse curriculum that aims to meet every child’s individual needs.  We promote British values such as tolerance, fairness, respect for other faiths and for people with no faith, and the rules of law and democracy. Our pupils are actively involved in the school council and are encouraged to make a positive contribution through involvement in school and community based tasks and activities. Our curriculum is increasingly cross curricular and each term there is a clear purpose or outcome to the children’s learning.
We endeavour to work in partnership with the Diocese, other schools, specialist teachers and parents to offer the widest of opportunities to enhance the lives of all within our school. We value working closely with parents and our parish as we believe children develop into the best version possible of the person God intended them to be when everyone is working together.
We are a happy, thriving school where we seek to value, inspire and challenge all who belong to our school community.
If you wish to know more, or see for yourself what a special school Holy Family is, please make an appointment to visit.
Mrs Sara Benn

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