50th Anniversary 1962-2012

Year 5

In year 5, the children continue to learn and develop and build upon what they have learnt in year 4. We focus on developing their independence skills, as they become increasingly responsible for their own learning.
We cover a wide range of topics across the curriculum, and the children are stretched to achieve a high standard, particularly in order to prepare them for year 6.
In literacy, the children focus on improving their comprehension skills when reading, as well as ensuring their written work is increasingly sophisticated.
In maths, they build on the strategies they have learnt throughout the school, and develop new ways of tackling problems they are faced with.
During science lessons, the children cover topics such as Earth, Sun and Moon, Changing State and Keeping Healthy.They carry out a number of experiments and become more confident in making predictions and drawing conclusions from what they see.
The children also enjoy learning how rivers are formed, what happened during Tudor times and are able to access a wide range of the curriculum through Computing. We hope that all of this enables the children to enjoy their learning and feel prepared for year 6 and beyond.


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