50th Anniversary 1962-2012

Year 4

Welcome to year 4.

In year 4 children are a part of the Upper School.  In maths, as we head further into Key Stage 2, the children move towards more complicated concepts, using the number skills they have secured in year 3. In literacy the children begin to focus more closely on writing and developing a style of their own. When reading we look increasingly at inferring information from a text, rather than more straight-forward retrieval. The children continue to read daily to keep their skills sharp. In science the children look at Humans and other Animals, Habitats and Electricity. We try to make science as ‘hands-on’ as possible, including working outside the classroom whenever appropriate.
Much of our afternoons are spent completing activities that link to our topic, whether it be a DT, Art or Humanities lesson. Our topic this term, for example, is rainforests, and we will be making animal finger puppets in DT, and will be enhancing the children’s learning by visiting Kew Gardens.

Our Teaching Staff
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 Our Support Staff  
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