Music is a big part of life at Holy Family as a Catholic school and there are many opportunities for children to develop their musical skills outside of music lessons.  In Foundation Stage, the children are taught by a specialist music teacher from the very beginning learning about pitch and pace through a variety of nursery rhymes, hymns and songs.  In Key Stage 1, Holy Family children learn how to use their voices expressively and creatively and to played tuned and untuned instruments.  They are introduced to live and recorded music and are encouraged to develop their listening skills.

By Key Stage 2, Holy Family children are encouraged to perform on their own and with others using their voices and by playing musical instruments more fluently.  They learn how to compose and improvise and to develop their aural memory, using the staff and other musical notations to capture their creations.  Holy Family children are exposed to a wide range of musical styles from different traditions and genres in order to gain an understanding of the history of music.  At Holy Family School we hope to inspire the children to express themselves creatively through the music curriculum.

Click here to see the Key Assessment Criteria for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Music