In Foundation and Key Stage 1, Holy Family children learn the building blocks of words through the Read Write Inc scheme.  This is a synthesised approach to phonics whereby the children learn letters and sounds.  Lessons take place daily and are pacey and fun (using puppets) with lots of opportunity for repetition to consolidate learning.  Children only take home books that they will be able to read – this builds confidence and a sense of achievement.  In Key Stage 2, the emphasis shifts from a phonic approach to a systematic acquisition of the spelling rules including the use of prefixes and suffixes that can change the meaning of words.

Comprehension is taught initially in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 via targeted closed questions about a text.  Using appealing and colourful classic picture books, children in the lower school are introduced to inference and deduction by noticing how the illustrations can enrich the printed words of the story they are reading.  In Key Stage 2, children are exposed to a wide variety of books including myths, legends, traditional stories, fiction from our own tradition and from other cultures.  Using key passages from a text, the children are encouraged to draw inferences from a given character’s feelings, thoughts or motives and to identify how the author uses language, structure and presentation to contribute to meaning.


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