Design and Technology

In Foundation Stage Holy Family children are encouraged to do junk modelling and use a variety of ways to join one material to another using different tools and resources.  By Key Stage 1 children are taught a process in Design and Technology.  The first stage is to communicate their ideas through talking, drawing, templates or even using information and communication technology.  The second stage is to select a range of tools and materials including construction materials, textiles and ingredients.  The third stage is to explore a range of existing products and evaluate their ideas against the design criteria.  The fourth stage is to build the structure trying out how they can be made stronger or more stable and to incorporate levers, slides, wheels or axels in the construction.

In Key Stage 2 Holy Family children expand upon the above skills and knowledge by using annotated sketches or exploded diagrams to present their ideas; using a wider range of tools, materials and components; and gaining an understanding of the key individuals who have helped shape the world around them e.g. Richard Dyson, Thomas Edison.  At Holy Family the children have the opportunity to use electrical systems in their products and apply their understanding of computing to programme, monitor and control their designs.

At Holy Family school we aim to give those children with inventive and creative potential opportunities to explore their ideas and imaginations.

Click here to see the Key Assessment Criteria for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Design and Technology