British Values

At Holy Family, we teach the children about British Values; Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance of Different Faiths and Beliefs.  British Values are prominently displayed in our school hall and have been the subject of a series of assemblies.  However, British Values are not a stand alone subject, they run like a thread through the curriculum.  Here is a non-exhaustive list of how we promote British Values implicitly and explicitly.

  • In our classes at the beginning of the year we have a chance to contribute to our class rules.
  • Our school council with representatives from Year 1 – 6 are our ‘parliament’ where we can bring our own ideas about how to make Holy Family an even better place to learn.
  • Our Behaviour Steps, like the Rule of Law, show we have high expectations at Holy Family as individuals and that provided we stay within the rules we are able to assert our individual identities.
  • Our Religious Education curriculum promotes our uniqueness and teaches us that we have personal responsibility for our choices and their consequences.
  • Our ‘Bucket’ assembly teaches us to respect each other by ‘filling up each others’ bucket’ by giving compliments and acknowledging others’ contribution to school life.
  • Our outreach work raising money for charity is another example of how we have mutual respect for others.
  • Our RE curriculum allows us to learn about and explore other faith communities which promotes tolerance of different beliefs.
  • Our weekly Philosophy for Children enquiries teach children to disagree in a mature manner, that others may hold different opinions to themselves and that it is acceptable to change your own opinion once you have considered other points of view.