Through Art and Design at Holy Family, we allow children to express their creativity. They gain an understanding of Art and Design in history through to the present day.  They explore a range of different styles of artwork from various artists and architects. Have time to plan, share and make responses to current works. They will experiment with many different skills to create their own works of art. Through their time at school they will develop their own ability to evaluate and develop their own pieces.  When children enter Key Stage 2, they will begin to record ideas, observations, final pieces and evaluations in their own sketchbook.

In Early Years, the children begin to explore 2D and 3D works. They are able to experiment with mixing colours and mark making. They discuss choosing colour for a purpose. The children start to mix different medias together to create different effects.

In Year 1, the children develop their ability to sketch through portraits, thinking about how they can express mood and feelings through their piece. When painting, children discuss the primary colours. They learn how to create a repeating pattern by printing. They are given many opportunities to manipulate materials when using clay and creating their frames. Year 1 children are encouraged to discuss others and their own artworks and ask questions.

In Year 2, the children develop their sketching technique and learn how to use different grades. When painting, they learn how to make brown and change the tone of a colour by adding white and black.  They begin to experiment with more medias such as charcoal and pastels.  Children will grow in competence when using clay; learning methods to create pots.  Children will spend time responding to work of other artists, commenting on what they think about the piece. They will create their own pieces of work which are inspired by other artists.

In Year 3, when looking at Tudor portraits they will continue to build on their sketching ability by shading and learning strategies to add texture to their work. When painting, they will become more aware of their choice of brush and different strokes. They should identify techniques which other artists use. Year 3 children will develop their ability to recognise what period of time and culture a piece of artwork is from.  The children will make decisions about which media they wish to work with, also considering digital devises to create artwork.

In Year 4, the children will be thinking about expression, figures and movement through their sketching and use of colour. They learn to draw and paint with water and ink, whilst doing this they consider ways of representing reflections. Children are given the choice of many different medias and are encouraged to complete mixed media pieces of work. They look at a variety of many different art styles and attempt to work in that way. They will become more competent printers and will consider how to use a range of colours to layer their prints.

In Year 5, children will continue to develop the skills learnt in previous years. By this stage children should be aware of the works and life of many different artists and architects. They should be able to research artists of interest to them independently and be inspired by them. In their work, they should be able to convey texture, movement, mood and emotion. Children should feel confident in using digital devices to create a piece of work or to use in a mixed media piece. They will understand how to evaluate their own work and make improvements.

In Year 6, children will independently choose which media or art tools they wish to work with and should be able to give explanations for this. They will be given opportunities to discuss their individual style of working and say which artists they have been inspired by. They should listen to feedback from others and be able to make improvements in their work.

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