Holy Family

Religious Education

Trying to make the world a better place through creating a learning environment based upon Gospel values where all adults and children become better people.

Our mission statement sits at the forefront of all we do in school, and weaves its way through every aspect of school life. It is at the very heart of all teaching but none more so than the children's religious education. The richness of our RE lessons is not just evident in the children's books, but through collective worship and the Catholic life of our school community. We pray and worship together throughout the day, celebrate Masses both here in school and at Holy Family Church, and engage with our wider Catholic community in various activities throughout the year. Father Kevin and Kieran McKeown - our Parish Worker -  play an active role in school life.

There are three areas of Religious Education that the education service of the diocese of Northampton focus on during their inspection process and, although the NORES inspection is not all we need to know about RE in our school, we are particularly proud of their insightful and complimentary comments that appeared as part of their final report.

"Holy Family is an outstanding Catholic school. Strong and effective leadership at all levels gives a clear sense of purpose and direction to the Catholic life of the school which is shared by all staff and governors." (NORES Inspection Report, July 2019)


Catholic Life

Provision for the Catholic life of the school is outstanding. The school's values underpin the behaviour of all members of the community.

Pupils have a strong sense of belonging to a Catholic community and feel responsible for caring for each other. They value the ethos of the school and the many opportunities they have to contribute to its Catholic life through service to the school and care for the environment.

A wide range of assemblies and collective worship are part of the school's provision where key celebrations in the Church's liturgical year enable pupils to develop their faith journey.


Religious Education

Very impressive teaching, indicative of thorough preparation from teachers, occurs throughout the school. Their lesson plans, energy, liveliness, dynacism and inspiration were praiseworthy, and children exhibit excellent responses and learning. Hence pupils achieve well and enjoy their lessons.

Teachers have high expectations and adapt their teaching style to meet the needs of their classes. This ensures all pupils are fully engaged. Tasks and support are differentiated to enable all pupils to achieve well. 

Pupils make good progress and behaviour for learning is excellent. Pupils are given a good foundation in Early Years which is built upon as they progress through the school.


Collective Worship

Collective worship at Holy Family is outstanding. Pupils participate with great respect and interest and play an active role in class prayer.

Prayer and collective worship are an integral part of the school's daily life and central to the spiritual and moral development of pupils who have a sense of belonging to a community where helping and supporting each other is part of their faith journey.

Leaders are visible and committed role models for the whole school and have an extensive understanding of the Church's liturgical year.