Holy Family

Father Kevin's Welcome

Holy Family parish here in Langley has been deeply involved in Catholic education for decades. What did those priests and educators who first built our schools hope for? What did people dream of when Holy Family School was built in 1962?   First of all, I would suggest, they wanted Catholic children of the area to have a first class education. That would mean attracting skilled, committed teachers who would build up a relationship of trust and co-operation with parents. Furthermore, those staff, with the support of parents and governors, would have to ensure that all the new demands put on schools with regard to such issues as curriculum, safeguarding and improvement of buildings (and many more) would be welcomed and put into practice with imagination and creativity.  As the present parish priest of Holy Family I feel I can speak for all those who had the dream back in 1962 and say that Holy Family School is just a wonderful place for our children.  Actually, it is more than wonderful. It is outstanding!

But Holy Family School is not just about looking after ourselves. It works within the context of Catholic education that wishes to educate and care for children so that they will be able to contribute strongly to the good of our society. Pope Francis summed it up when he said: “By focusing on the quality of their education and the common good educators can help all understand that we belong to one human family”.

I hope you enjoy visiting our website.

Fr. Kevin O’Driscoll