Weekly Newsletter

Autumn Term                              Newsletter No.9                          Friday 9th November 2018

Dear Parents,

Our youngest children impressed us all with their aspirations during ‘When I grow up day.’ We saw ballerinas, doctors, policemen, engineers, teachers and many more future careers. On Wednesday, we were briefly visited by Michael Jarrett (Head of EYFS Services) who was impressed with the high levels of engagement of our Nursery and Reception children and the level of parental support. He was thrilled to see every child was proudly dressed up and confidently able to say what they hoped to be in the future.

Thank you to all the parents who visited Nursery for the ‘Stay and Play’ sessions on Thursday and to those who escorted Year 1 and Year 3 children to the local library.

This morning, our Year 5 children retold (in great detail) the magnificent story of Our Lady of Guadalupe. With minimal rehearsal, Mr McInerney’s class enthralled the whole school and parents with their authentic costumes, confident narration and spectacular singing. It was a very reverent and peaceful assembly. It ended with Mr McInerney’s class singing the hymn ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe’ in honour of our Holy Mother. Thank you to Mr McInerney for sharing his deep faith with us all through his choice of assembly theme. Well done Year 5.

Remembrance, the Poppy Appeal and saying ‘Thank you’ to everyone associated with World War One were the focus of this week’s assemblies. Our school councillors have enjoyed selling poppy stationery and poppies; raising much needed funds for the Royal British Legion. Today, children made the number 100 on the school playground as they took part in a 2 minute silence to show gratitude and respect to fallen and injured servicemen and women.

Teachers look forward to meeting with you next week. If you have not yet received your Parents’ Evening appointment, please speak to your child’s class teacher to confirm a time. Specialist teachers will be available at Tuesday or Thursday Parents’ Evenings.

Wishing all our families who will be at tonight’s disco a wonderful boogie and wishing everyone a lovely weekend,

God bless

Mrs Benn


Friday 9th November                 PTA Disco at St Anne’s Hall 6.30pm – 10pm

Monday 12th November           Week 3 of Menu

                                                            Friendship Week

Y5 Mr McInerney Library visit 1.30pm

Tuesday 13th November          Y1 and Y4 Exhibition

Y3/4 and Y5/6 Sports Hall Athletics

Y6 Mrs Doyle/Miss Caswell Bunker Trip

Parents’ Evening 3.45 – 7pm and SEND Surgery 2 – 7pm

Thursday 15th November      Flu Immunisation Rec, Y1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

Parents’ Evening 3.45 – 7pm and SEND surgery 2 – 7pm

PTA Christmas Fair Meeting 7.30pm

Friday 16th November          Y6 Swimming 1.30 – 3.30pm

Monday 19th November      Week 1 of Menu

                                                         Y2 Mrs Powell Library visit 1.30pm

Tuesday 20th November     Y3 Egyptian Day

Y6 Mrs Ragg Bunker Trip

Wednesday 21st November   Y1 Trip to Postal Museum

Thursday 22nd November       Y5 Brazil Day

Y4 Miss Maini Library visit 1.30pm

Friday 23rd November               Y3 Mrs Hendy Class Assembly 9am

                                                            Y6 Swimming 1.30 – 3.30pm

Sunday 25th November           Thames Valley Indoor Athletics Competition 12 – 4.30pm

Monday 26th November           Week 1 of Menu

                                                            Y5 Mrs Fox Library visit 1.30 – 3.30pm

Tuesday 27th November         Spirit of the Wild Science event Y1 – Y6

Wednesday 28th November  Spirit of the Wild Science event Y1 – Y6

Friday 30th November              EYFS Wear Blue St Andrew’s Day

Y6 Swimming 1.30 – 3.30pm

Sunday 2nd December             1st Sunday of Advent

 Amazing Achievements

This week we were delighted to hear the achievements of two children:

John Mathew (Year 2) and Jacob Mathew (Reception) took part in the Marlow 1 Km run and both received medals for their running. They were the youngest in the group and both are very proud of their achievements. Fantastic achievement, well done.

I look forward to hearing more of your amazing achievements over the coming weeks.

Celebrate success!

To link in with our Vision statement, ‘To value, inspire and challenge all’, we invite parents/carers to notify us of special achievements (outside of school e.g. music, sports, positive contribution) your child has achieved so they can be recorded on their school record and shared with children and staff.

Please email Janice.Broderick@holyfamilycatholicschool.org.uk for notification. Your child will receive recognition for their achievement from their class teacher, who will award them a marble for the class jar, and Mrs Benn, who will issue a ‘Head teacher’s Award’ certificate. If you send a photo of your child’s achievement it will be posted on Mrs Broderick’s ‘Wall of Fame.’


This week’s update brings news of how the Year 5/6 football squad (Dylan, Harry W, Zac, Harry A, Tyler, Jacob, Ben, Oskar & Rhys) got on at the inaugural Slough District tournament, which was held at Slough Town Football Club last Thursday afternoon.

On arrival at the stadium, Holy Family were drawn into the same group as Penn Wood, Western House, St Marys and Godolphin schools. Mr Woodward was very happy with that draw as he knew that Holy Family had a more than good chance of winning the group.

Mr Woodward was proven to be right as with two wins and two draws from their four group matches Holy Family progressed through to the semi-finals as group winners, with Penn Wood finishing runners-up. Although Holy Family finished top of the group Mr Woodward was slightly concerned that the boys were not taking quite a few of the numerous chances that they were creating and that they would have to improve this aspect of their game if they were to progress further in the competition.

The boys were drawn against local rivals Langley Hall to determine who would move on to the final to play Lynch Hill. All the games played against Langley Hall in the last few years have always been competitive and very closely fought, with this match-up proving to be no different. Despite Holy Family creating a few early chances to score, it was Langley Hall who struck first in fortuitous circumstances when a shot from their striker deflected off Harry A onto the post, then off of Dylan and into the net. A second goal for Langley Hall quickly followed with Holy Family having it all to do to get back into the game. Despite their best efforts Holy Family couldn’t find a response and bowed out of the competition at the semi-final stage.

All of the team did well but my player of the day goes to Dylan for his excellent displays in goal. He was so impressive that the managers of Slough Town 1st team Neil Baker & Jon Underwood made a conscious effort to come over to Mr Woodward to give praise for how well he played. The managers of Slough Town also wanted to praise the whole team for the quality that they showed at various points throughout the afternoon. Well done Dylan and all the boys involved.

Mr Woodward


Word of the Week

In our bid to broaden our children’s vocabulary, this week’s Words of the Week are as follows:

KS1: nudge (give someone a gentle push to draw their attention to something.)

KS2: dilemma (a difficult situation in which you have to choose between two or more alternatives.)

We would be grateful if you could discuss these words with your children and encourage them to use them.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Clare Doyle, English Lead.


Year 2- Year 6 Parents’ Evenings (Tuesday 13th November and Thursday 15th November)

As you will be aware, we would like you to bring your child to the forthcoming Parents’ Evenings.

The benefits of bringing children along are: the partnership between pupil, parents and teachers and the fact that children are required to take increased ownership of their work.

The disadvantages are: the lack of opportunity for parents to share confidential information and the fact that there will be many children in school. Teachers are available at the beginning and end of every day to speak to parents, so I suggest you speak to them before Parents’ Evening about anything confidential. If it is possible to make arrangements not to bring children younger than Year 2 pupils, that would be appreciated. If not, please take them into the meeting with you. Siblings from Year 2- Year 6 may attend siblings appointments if you wish or preferably wait in the reading area of the classroom parents are in. Please bring a book or a quiet activity for them to do during the 15 minute appointment. Siblings must be supervised by their parents at all times and may not wander away from you.

Children will be showing you their books and you will be given some prompt questions to ask your child. Year 3 and older have experienced this once before, Year 2 children may be a bit nervous but with patience and encouragement they will develop the language and skills necessary to converse with you about their work.

There will be no set appointments for specialist teachers. Specialist teacher will be available as below:

Mr Allen (Music) Tuesday 6 – 7pm

Mr Stannard (Y4, 5, 6, Maths groups) Tuesday

Mr Woodward (PE) 4.45 – 6pm Tuesday

Mrs Martinez (ICT) Thursday

Mrs Linda Doucet is our Parent Link Governor who will be availableto speak to parents between 4 and 6 pm on Tuesday and 4 and 5.30pm on Thursday. Please feel free to speak to her. Mrs Doucet may ask parents questions such as:

1) Is your child/children settled and happy to be back at school?

2) How do you find the leadership of the school?

3) How is the communication with home and school regarding the progress of your child/children, activities, homework? Any different from last year?

Likely questions to new parents:

1) Is your child/children settled and do they feel safe at Holy Family School?

2) What is your first impression of the leadership of the school?

3) How is the communication between home and school; have you enough information for your child/children needs, progress, homework or/and activities?

It is Mrs Doucet’s intention to use your feedback as a baseline and find an opportunity in the spring and summer term to seek your views again. Everything discussed will be anonymous when reported back to school leaders. Thank you.

Year 4 Kew Gardens

On Wednesday, Year 4 visited Kew Gardens as part of their Rainforest topic. The children learnt about how to survive in a rainforest and had a fantastic day. Kew staff were very impressed with the children’s knowledge and behaviour.

School Council


We are delighted to tell you about the children who have been elected for the school council team. This year will kick off with lots of brilliant ideas and surprises.

The new school council team is very happy to hear your concerns about making this year fun, and most of all, the best year yet. We’ll need you to make the school a better place.

We are going to introduce you to the school council and all about them:

William: I’m William and I like helping out with the school.

Joey: I’m Joey and I’m very sporty, I also like dancing.

Nicole: I’m Nicole and I like doing gymnastics with my friends.

Erin and Kerry: We’re Erin and Kerry and we’re twins!

Remi: I’m Remi and I am quite flexible and I love doing gymnastics.

Maryam: I’m Maryam and I like playing with my friends.

Matteo: I’m Matteo and I like seeing people with a positive attitude.

Cameron: I’m Cameron and I want to make sure everyone has someone to play with.

You now know the school councillors, so please appreciate all of the work that they do in the future as they will be there to help the school this year.

Yours sincerely,

New School Council Team

The School Council Team would also like to thank everyone who supported the Poppy Appeal so generously this week.

Stranger Danger

On Tuesday morning, parents and pupils reported seeing a man waving and speaking to pupils on the slip road in front of the Police Station. Children did not appear frightened; however the gentleman appeared to be under the influence of drink or drugs. One sensible Year 5 pupil that was approached gave a false name, did not engage in further conversation, and immediately reported it to an adult on arriving at school.

We have an increasing number of Year 5 and Year 6 children walking to school alone as parents begin preparing them for independent travel to and from secondary school.

Please remind all children they do not need to be polite to strangers and must only talk to trusted adults. I was really pleased that an adult called the school. School staff will respond immediately if we are alerted to any situation that may impact on children’s safety.

We do not wish to frighten children and the vast majority of our children are accompanied to and from school. Please all be alert and continue to look out for our older children as they seek to build their independence in preparation for secondary school. Thank you Mrs Benn.

Friendship Week

The 12th – 16th November has been nominated as Friendship Week at our school. Next week, assemblies will focus around positive friendships and different forms of bullying. KS2 will consider online, prejudiced based and different types of bullying.


After nearly 13 years, Mrs Euden will be leaving us on the 16th November. Mrs Euden has supported our strong relationship with the parish, supported the Late Owls, street dancers, choir and led the children singing the psalm at mass for many years.

As a member of our support staff team she has supported many teachers and pupils fulfilling both the class and 1:1 teaching assistant role from Reception to Year 5. Thank you for everything you have done for the staff and children at Holy Family. We wish you every success in the future.

Flu Vaccine Year Reception – Year 5 Thursday 15th November 2018

Some forms are still outstanding for The Flu Immunisation. It is very important that you sign the consent/Non consent section of the form and return it to Mrs Gonoud as soon as possible please. Thank you


Please remember to top up your School Meal account and pay for any outstanding trip costs.

If you have a child in Year 6 going on the PGL residential trip, the deposit is now due, please pay this to guarantee your child’s place. The deadline was previously set as 31st October. However, 52 parents have returned slips to confirm children wish to go, yet only 44 have paid deposits. The absolute deadline for deposits has been extended to November 30th. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please speak to Mrs Tushingham or Mrs Benn in confidence.

Thank you

Mrs O’Brien Finance Assistant

Admissions to Holy Family School- Nursery Parents

You must apply via your local authority website for a place in a Reception class before 15th January 2019.

If you are applying for a place at Holy Family School, you must also obtain a priests reference form from your parish priest and return it to school by 15th January 2019. (Forms can be obtained from school or downloaded from our website.) As your priest’s reference must not be more than three months old, Father Kevin has set time aside during the week commencing 19th November to sign forms. He will be available at the presbytery between 4 and 7pm from Monday 19th to Thursday 22nd November.


  1. Online Common Application Form to your Local Authority
  2. Supplementary Forms A and B returned to school.


Mrs Helen Mynett, Admissions Officer

Parish News

Father Kevin will be signing school forms on:

Tuesday 20th November 3.30 – 7pm

Wednesday 21st November 3.30 – 7.30pm

Friday 23rd November 4.30 – 7pm

Please ring Maria at church between 9.30 am and 1.30pm to make an appointment to see Father Kevin.

PTA News

PTA Family Disco at St Anne’s Hall Friday 9th November at 6.30pm

The Family Disco is now sold out. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and purchased tickets.

Tickets will not be issued, it will be check in on arrival.  Please arrive by 6.45pm at this is the time the children’s meals will be served and then the adults will follow after.

Please let me know if you have any problems, give me a call on my mobile please.

PTA Meeting 15th November 2018 7pm

Thursday after the Parents’ Evening will be our next Christmas meeting around 7pm at school.

We will be serving tea and coffee in the hall at both Parents’ Evenings, please pop over to us for a chat and a cup of tea or coffee and find out more about the PTA. We look forward to meeting many new faces.

We are still seeking a major role in our PTA committee, that of PTA Fundraiser, this can be shared between a few parents. If you can help in anyway please, please, get in touch or pop and see me at the parents evenings when I can tell you more about this role.

Look forward to seeing lots of you at the PTA disco for a fun filled night for parents and children.

PTA Pantomime – Thursday 13th December 2018 Evening performance

Pantomime tickets, there are still some left for sale so go online now. Tickets are priced at £15.50 per ticket and will be sold on a first come, first served basis. Please use the online booking payment system https://mydonate.bt.com/events/panto2018 and pay the amount for the corresponding number of tickets. Please ensure that you immediately email roo@holyfpta.com with details of your oldest child at Holy Family, their class together with a contact number. Tickets will be issued in early December. In the event of any problems with purchasing, please get in touch with Roo.

A big thank you to Glenn Flegg, Langley for sponsoring us again for our Christmas fair and also offering to supply the estate agent Christmas boards. If you live in a prime location, on a busy main road then please contact me today as we would like addresses for our Christmas boards to go up as soon as possible. Thank you.

Sharon Chatyoka PTA Chair Email shazbignold@aol.comTelephone/text 07852 268552

God bless


Other News

On Saturday 24th November 2018 four Holy Family mums (Kyla Connolly, Sharon Chatyoka, Tina Brennan and Zoraida Prest) will be taking part in the Slough Homeless Sleepout Fundraiser. They will be sleeping in a cardboard box for one night to help raise awareness and to raise sponsorship for the Slough Winter Night Shelter which runs from January to March and provides food and shelter over the coming harsh winter months.

Every pound really will make a difference. Last year 49 people were given shelter and over 2000 meals were given out.

If you are able to donate a pound or two to support us please go to – https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/holyfamilymums2018


Mrs Euden and Concorde Productions proudly present this year’s pantomime ‘Robin Hood and Babes in the Wood’. We are performing in Englefield Green, just the other side of Old Windsor, so even nearer! As always rehearsals are great fun and the panto is coming along nicely.  The dazzling set & costumes, a fabulous script, musical numbers with dancing and songs to sing-a-long to and the usual slap-stick comedy is just the perfect treat to start off your Christmas festivities. Show details are: Wednesday 5th, Thursday 6th, Friday 7th & Saturday 8th  December at 7.30pm and two matinee performances on Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th December at 2pm. Tickets are priced at: Adult £12, Child £6 and Concessions £10 … so what are you waiting for? Tickets are available from www.concordeproductions.co.uk

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