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Autumn Term                         Newsletter No.3             Friday 20th September 2019

Dear Parents,

With our Nursery full, new joiners across the school started and most after school activities commenced; we have enjoyed our third week of term. School feels very calm and purposeful.

On Monday, Year 6 demonstrated excellent team work and leadership skills as they competed to create the best structure (made from newspaper) that would accommodate six children. All groups were successful with some structures being more substantial than others. Well done Year 6.

At the end of the summer term, I introduced the whole school to Mr Vig (Headteacher of Khalsa Primary School) and we shared our plans to work on some joint projects. Mr Vig visited Holy Family School again this week to discuss an exciting plan that involves children in Year 3, 4 and 5 doing a ‘pupil swap’ in Spring 2. I look forward to outlining the aims and objectives of this project in the near future.

Thank you also to all the parents who attended our ‘Meet the teacher meetings’ on Thursday afternoon. I hope you found them useful.

In the first two and a half weeks of term, I have been surprised by the volume of sad news related to pupils and parents; especially accidents, ill health and changing family circumstances. Please remember all our families in need of God’s grace in your prayers.

The whole school will pray for all our families as we celebrate the start of term with Father Kevin on Monday when Year 4 will lead Mass at school.

Hoping everyone is able to enjoy the sunshine over the weekend.

God bless,

Mrs Benn



Monday 23rd September            Week 1 of Menu

                                                               Start of term Mass 11am

Tuesday 24th September           Guitar lessons commence

PTA AGM in hall – 7pm All parents welcome

Wednesday 25th September      New Nursery Parents’ Meeting 9.15 am or 2.30pm

Street dance Y4,5,6 3.40pm – 4.40pm

Thursday 26th September          Macmillan Coffee Morning 9am

Friday 27th September                 Y6 Swimming (Week 3)

Monday 30th September              Week 2 of Menu

                                                                 New Before School Club Athletics Y1-4 7.50 – 8.30am

                                                                Rec/Y1/Y2 RWInc Phonics Parents’ Meeting 9am and       2.45pm

Y4 Mrs Evans Class Library Visit

Y6 Boys Football match v Langley Hall at HFS 3.45pm

Thursday 3rd October                New Before School Club Hockey Y3-6 7.50 – 8.30am

Y6 Heathrow Coding Challenge

                                                            Y4 Mrs O’Reilly Library Visit

Y3/4 Mixed Football Tournament 10.00 – 2.30pm at Ryvers                                                                    School

Friday 4th October                     CAFOD Family Fast Day (Donations please)

                                                            Y6 Swim (Week 4)

Monday 7th October                   Week 3 of Menu/Our Diocesan Catholic Schools Week

                                                            Y6 Mrs Fox Library visit 1.30 – 3.30pm

Y5 Boys Football Match v Langley Hall at HFS 3.40pm

Tuesday 8th October                  Faith Ambassadors postponed today

Thursday 10th October              School Photographer – Portraits

Reception Mrs Forrest/Mrs Harris Library visit 1.30- 3.30pm

Friday 11th October                   Y6 Talent Show

Y5 x 6 pupils to Diocesan Schools Mass at Dunstable

Y6 Swimming (Week 5)

Diary Dates

Autumn Term diary dates Version 1 was circulated on Monday 16th September. Two additional dates are Tuesday 12th November Y1 Postal Museum trip and Y6 WWII Day, and Tuesday 26th November Y5 Brazil Day. Unfortunately, it has been necessary to change the date of the EYFS party from Tuesday 17th December to Thursday 12th December.

Amazing Achievements

This week we were delighted to hear the achievements of six children:

Chetachi and Kenechi Nneke (Year 1) both completed the Summer Reading Challenge and were awarded gold medals. Well done Chetachi and Kenechi.

Rosie Kirke (Year 3) completed the Summer Reading Challenge and was also very excited to receive her 2nd Blue Peter badge – a green badge for children who care about the environment and nature. Excellent Rosie.

Leah Schembri (Year 2) and her sister Nicole Schembri (Year 5) completed the Summer Reading Challenge and were both awarded gold medals. Well done Leah and Nicole.

During the summer break Maxime Fouquet (Year 5) successfully passed Grade 1 ISTD tap exam (June 2019), participated with 5 different dances at Aiming High Gala in Maidenhead, secured a gold medal in SISC ice skating competition in his category (July 2019), passed successfully his karate exam and has been awarded purple belt with white strap (July 2019), Wow, well done Maxime.

Celebrate Success!

To link in with our Vision statement, ‘To value, inspire and challenge all’, we invite parents/carers to notify us of special achievements (outside of school e.g. music, sports, positive contribution) your child has achieved so they can be recorded on their school record and shared with children and staff.

Please email Janice.Broderick@hfcs.org.uk for notification. Your child will receive recognition for their achievement from their class teacher, who will award them a marble for the class jar, and Mrs Benn, who will issue a ‘Head teacher’s Award’ certificate. If you send a photo of your child’s achievement it will be posted on Mrs Broderick’s ‘Wall of Fame.’

Summer Reading Challenge

Congratulations to all those children who took part in this year’s Summer Reading Challenge. If you have completed the challenge and have yet to receive your medal, there are spaces available on 24th and 27th September and 1st and 4th October at Langley Library. Contact the library to book a space. If you have started the challenge but have not yet completed it, there is still time! Get yourself to the library by the end of September to get your prize!

Year 4 Family Tree Homework

Thank you to everyone who has spent time supporting children with their Family Tree homework. Staff are amazed at the originality, creativity, time and effort that has clearly gone into producing some exceptional Family Trees. We hope you enjoyed making these with your children as much as we are enjoying them in school. Thank you parents.

2019 Standards and Progress Measures

We are very pleased with the Standards achieved in 2019.

2019 Standards

Reception Good Level of Development   83 %

Year 1 Phonics Screening Test   97 %

KS1 SATs (End of Year 2)

76% achieved the expected level in Reading

29% achieved the higher level in Reading

78% achieved the expected level in Writing

27% achieved the higher level in Writing

80% achieved the expected level in Maths

25% achieved the higher level in Maths

KS2 SATs (End of Year 6)

84% working at the expected standard in Reading

39% working at the higher level in Reading

95% working at the expected standard in Writing

36% working at the higher level in Writing

92% working at the expected standard in SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar)

51% working at the higher level in SPAG

92% working at the expected standard in Maths

51% working at the higher level in Maths

We are delighted with the progress figures release by the DfE relating to the amount of progress last year’s Y6 children made between Y2 and Y6.

The national average progress measure is zero. Last year’s Y6 children achieved

Reading 1.5

Writing 2.6

Maths 3.0

Well done staff, parents and pupils!

If you wish to compare SATs results and/or progress scores to previous years, you will find them on the website under the heading: School Information, Standards.

 Extra-Curricular Activities

We wish a welcome return to Mr Alan Cunningham, his Street dance commences Wednesday 25th September at 3.40pm.

Word of the Week

This week’s Words of the Week are as follows:

EYFS/KS1: tease (to make fun or laugh at someone to annoy, upset or embarrass them).

KS2: pummel (to hit something repeatedly with your fists).

Please discuss these words with your children, and encourage them to use them.

Website Survey

Thank you to all of you who completed the survey which was emailed last week regarding our website. I am now busy looking at what improvements need to be made and will be designing and building a new and much-improved website which will hopefully meet everyone’s needs! There is still time to complete the survey if you haven’t done so already.

Mrs Doyle Assistant Headteacher/ Y6 Class Teacher/ Literacy Lead

Macmillan Coffee Morning Thursday 26th September 2019

Come and join us in the hall for the ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’ in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. This will be on Thursday 26th September at 9am. All donations of cakes and biscuits will be gratefully received and can be brought in to school in the morning. Please help us to support this worthy cause. The children will take part in their classrooms where a drink and biscuit will be provided for them, we are asking for a donation of 50p for this. Thank you. Miss Wheeler

New Menu for School Lunches

A new lunch menu including seasonal changes for the cooler weather has been circulated. Please send your new selections back to school by Monday 23rd September.  The new menu will take effect from 4th November and until then current selections apply.

Thank you, Mrs Tushingham

Health and Safety Reminders

. No nut products may be brought to school due to a number of children having severe nut allergies.

. Children and younger siblings must not play on the adventure playground before school when there is no staff supervision.

. No scooters or bikes may not be ridden on the school site before or after school.

We appreciate parents support with all of the above and most importantly appreciate everyone adhering to maintaining a NUT FREE school.

Read Write Inc

We teach reading in school using the phonics scheme Read Write Inc. There will be an information session about how to support your child at home using the RWI books for parents of children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 on Monday 30th September at 9am and 2.45pm in the school hall. If you wish to attend the afternoon session please arrive at the main school reception at 2.40pm. Any Year 2 parents are welcome to attend but it will be the same information you received if you attended one last year.

I look forward to seeing you.

Mrs Hume, RWI Manager

 CAFOD Family Fast day

As you may know, Friday 4th October is CAFOD Family Fast day. To raise awareness of this in school we will be holding an assembly showing the work CAFOD does around the world and the importance of sharing what we have with those less fortunate than ourselves. Children are asked to bring in a donation of money for CAFOD or, if they prefer, food for Foodbank. Our local Foodbank’s mission is ‘To serve with compassion, motivated by Christian principles, those in need in Slough and the surrounding area by providing a listening ear, food and other essentials.’ To support them in their mission we would kindly ask you to donate items such as beans and pasta, tinned veg, rice, fruit juice, coffee, curry and pasta sauce, sugar, custard, cup a soups, noodles and jam.  Thank you Mr Seymour.

Year 1 Behaviour Steps

As children move from Reception to Year 1 our approach to maintaining and encouraging good behaviour changes. Year 1 should have brought home a copy of the Behaviour Steps which are used from Year 1 – Year 6. Our full Behaviour Policy is available in the Parents’ Information section of the school’s website.

Year 6 Parents – PGL Residential May 2020

Today, Year 6 children who have not yet returned their reply slip were given a second copy of the trip confirmation letter. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to spend a week with their friends enjoying new experiences. We hope all Year 6 will attend. If you have any queries please speak to Mrs Benn. Places will only be secured if slips are returned and a £50 deposit is paid by Thursday 24th October 2019.


Nursery Parents: Admission to School September 2020

You must apply via your local authority website for a place in a Reception class before 15th January 2020.

If you are applying for a place at Holy Family School, you must also obtain a priest’s reference form from your parish priest and return it to school by 15th January 2020. (Forms can be obtained from school or downloaded from our website.) Your priest’s reference must not be more than three months old.


  1. Online Common Application Form to your Local Authority
  2. Supplementary Forms A and B returned to school.


Admission to Nursery September 2020

The Nursery 2020 admission round is now open and also closes on the 15th January 2020. Nursery application and priest’s reference forms can be obtained from the school website or office.

Mrs Helen Mynett, Admissions Officer

 Vacancy – School Cleaner

The governors are seeking to appoint a cleaner to join our team. Hours: 2 hours per day, 4pm to 6pm Monday – Friday: 10 hours per week for 52 weeks of the year. Pay: £5037 per annum. Holidays: 25 days holiday plus Bank holidays. To commence: As soon as possible.   Please contact Mrs Tushingham, Business Manager, and email school.admin@hfcs.org.uk if you are interested.


PTA (Parent Teacher Association) NEWS

The Annual General Meeting takes place on Tuesday 24th September at 7pm, we warmly invite all parents to attend.

Are we really mentioning Christmas already!

I’m afraid we are!

Annually, children design Christmas cards in school and in the next two weeks your child’s card and an order form will be sent home. If you would like to send prints of your child’s home-made card as Christmas cards, please return the order form and payment to your child’s class teacher by 14th October.

Apologies for mentioning Christmas so early; we hope you understand in order to receive the printed cards in time for you to write and post it is necessary to start the process now. This is an excellent fundraiser for school with a percentage of money per pack of cards being returned to school. Thank you from the PTA for your support.


Change of date in the Parish newsletter

We advertised First Reconciliation as 14th March and we have had to change that to the 8th February. The Dates for First Holy Communion remain the same 16th/17th May 2020.

Preparation for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.
If you have a child who is in Year 3 or above and you would like to enrol him/her in Holy Family Parish’s First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion Programme please ring Maria in the Parish office from now to make an appointment to speak with Fr Kevin the week beginning Monday 23rd September. Please ring between 9am and 2pm. You will only be able to enrol your child until October 4th. Please note that this is a strict cut-off date as the programme begins with an introductory meeting on Tuesday 8th October in the evening. Following this, meetings will be on a monthly basis for both parents and children on a Saturday morning.

Kieran McKeown Holy Family Church Parish Pastoral Assistant 01753 543770

Sharing Our Faith

If you are somebody who is considering joining the Catholic Church we would be very happy to tell you about our SHARING OUR FAITH programme. Please email us on holyfamilylangley@yahoo.co.uk. If this message is not for you, you may wish to pass it on to somebody who has spoken to you about the idea.

New Get Active Before School Clubs

Get Active will be running two new before school clubs each Monday and Thursday here at Holy Family School from the end of September through to the beginning of December. Please see information regarding the new clubs below.

Athletics Year 1-4- Monday 30th September-Monday 2nd December

Hockey Year 3-6- Thursday 3rd October-Thursday 5th December

Both clubs will run from 7.50-8.30am at a cost of £2 per week (£18 in total) per child.

If you would like to book your child onto either club please book online at www.getactivesports.com


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