50th Anniversary 1962-2012

Year 1

Hello and welcome to year 1,
Come inside and have some fun.
When you’re here you’ll learn a lot
Reading, Writing, dot to dot.

Lots of Number, Science too
Art, Computing – lots to do.
PE, Music and DT
Keeping healthy, that’s the key!

All of this, plus some more
Once you enter year 1’s door.

 Our Class Teachers
IMG_0832  Holly Gilliver
Mrs Hume Miss Gilliver
Our Support Staff
Patricia Wasley
Mrs Wasley SEN Coordinator
Our Teaching Assistants
CAY_4527  Grace Unyereno1  Gosia C
Mrs Crow  Mrs Unyereno  Mrs Caren
CAY_4825  CAY_4523  CAY_4495
Mrs Hooper SEN TA  Mrs Hogg  Miss Wheeler